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Looking for Energy Audit, Energy Conservation Consultant?


Powercop is a Class ‘A’ certified Energy Auditors under MEDA – Maharashtra Energy Development Agency as Energy planner & Energy Auditor.
We are renowned consulting firm for “Save Energy Programme” that intends to identify areas where wasteful use of energy occurs and to evaluate the scope for Energy Conservation and take concrete steps to achieve the evaluated energy savings.

Featured Energy Services

Energy Audit Service

Powercop provides energy audit service, certified as class ‘A’ by MEDA as energy auditors.

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Energy Conservation Solution

Energy is precious which is getting wasted due to lack of proper energy management. We provide efficient energy solution and conservation methods.

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Thermography Service

Powercop is among the top energy auditors provides thermography service to customers when it comes to managing the risk associated with electrical equipments malfunction..

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Harmonic Energy Analysis & Management

Powercop is capable of trouble-shooting equipment failure and product quality issues due to Power Quality (PQ) & harmonic distortion of fundamental waveform.

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Energy Management Awareness & Training Program

Powercop conducts energy management awareness training programme in collaboration with MEDA on Energy Conservation, and Application of Renewable Energy.

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Power Audit Adds To Your Profits

  • Saves Power
  • Reduces Electricity Expenses
  • Eliminates penalties
  • Increases Incentives
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Increases Cost Effectiveness